Necromunda Escher Cutters

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Cutters are fast, agile jet bikes that reflect the House of Escher's penchant for deadly speed over brutal durability. Carried through the skies of the Ashen Wastes by a prodigiously powerful engine, cutters are rarely the sturdiest or safest companions - but they suffocate all rivals with clouds of dust and vapor trails of caustic chemical fumes. As a Cutter dashes over obstacles and barricades, it can slice through House of Blades enemies with a hail of fire, then veer before the target can react.

This multi-part plastic kit makes four Escher Cutters, lightning-fast jet bikes that can be added to any Escher rig. These fierce flying machines feature a powerful front turbine engine with exposed engine cylinders that propels the sleek, leaf-shaped chassis. A deadly gas trap launcher is installed under each cutter and there are two mounted weapons on either side of the jet bike - you can choose between twin grenade launchers, twin machine guns or twin plasma cannons. The kit includes a choice of two different head designs and four interchangeable hairstyles, allowing each of your Escher drivers to have their own distinctive look.

This set comes as 124 plastic components, and is supplied with 4 Citadel 60mm x 35mm Oval bases, each with a ball-ended flying rod. These miniatures are unpainted and require assembly.

For rules on using Escher Cutters in your Necromunda games, see The Aranthian Succession - Cinderak Burning.


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