Nagash Supreme Lord of Undead

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Nagash is the father of necromancy. Countless empires have been crushed by his skeletal hands, their peoples nurtured with macabre dark magic to join his infinite legions. With a gesture, he can send forth an army of immortal soldiers, wrap the nature of magic around him, or snatch the souls from a horde of enemy warriors.

The Great Necromancer rises above the battlefield, carried by a swirling cloud of screaming spirits. These deadly phantoms float and coil around Nagash as he unleashes his cold fury on those who dare oppose him. An icy, ethereal storm engulfs its victims, who cry out in agony as their essences are consumed.

Nagash is the undisputed master of all undead creatures. As he goes to war at the head of his Ossiarch Bonereaper legions, the ground trembles under the footsteps of his endless followers. Would-be lords of death are brought to their knees, their armies absorbed into the great throng. There is no resistance to the power of Nagash. Many rebellious and vain tyrants have attempted to defy his dominating will, but all such attempts have ended in their excruciating and humiliating torment. Never forgetting an insult, the Great Necromancer has a thousand ways of doing what he sees as injustice with a fitting one - and mostly twisted - punishment to repay.

Just to be in the presence of Nagash is to feel bone-deep horror. This is not a mundane foe to be swept aside with cannon fire and slashing swords, but a god of undeath, a being of unstoppable elemental power. Just as death cannot be conquered, neither can its master. Arrows, bullets, and arcane projectiles are harmlessly deflected by Morikhane, the Great Necromancer's enchanted armor, even as he unleashes spells that turn the battlefield into a nightmarish battlefield.

During its incredibly long existence, Nagash has devoured libraries of esoteric texts and forbidden lore. His mastery of the arcane is surpassed by only a handful of beings in the Mortal Realms, and even these mighty mages would hesitate to invoke the dark sorcery that Nagash wields without a second thought. This inexhaustible reservoir of knowledge is stored within the pages of the Nine Books of Nagash. With a word, Nagash can summon one of these tomes and chant the terrifying incantations within to obliterate his enemies. Indeed, Nagash is so imbued with necromantic power that his mere touch can instantly turn flesh to dust, leaving behind nothing but a grinning skeleton

Nagash has nothing but contempt for simple-minded barbarians and brutal warriors devoted to the lower martial arts. He prefers to annihilate such foes from afar with a cascade of flesh-crushing magic rather than wasting his effort crossing blades. However, should the need arise, he is more than capable of crushing those who get too close. He wields Alakanash, the Staff of Power, and Zefet-nebtar, the Mortis Blade. The former is covered in gems of vitrified Shyishan Realmstone, allowing Nagash to siphon the souls of the slain. The latter can sweep aside entire rows of smaller enemies or even chop a dragon in two. Verily it is said that Nagash faces in battle, faces death incarnate.

Please Note: The skeleton miniature shown with Nagash is for size comparison only and is not included in this kit.

Supplied with a Citadel 130mm Round Base.


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