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"11/03/2257, 0347. Incident report by Commissar Pandora Kilgore, Patrol Leader Alpha-07, Elysium I. Operation in the Deeps, sector Cinderfalls. Suspected sabotage in mining facility Garpenberg-15. Perpetrator identified and punished. Commissar Warburg and Commissar Fortescue performed adequately. Commissar Morningstar displayed suspicious behavior. Further investigation recommended. Unity between the Houses is the bedrock on which Elysium rests. Tradition, Resolution, Courage!"

Welcome to Elysium I, the last bastion of civilization in a world destroyed by atomic winter. As a judicator, it is your duty to maintain order and investigate any crimes that threaten the fragile peace within the enclave.

But in Elysium I, loyalty to your family is paramount. The four powerful industrial and financial dynasties that founded the enclave still hold sway, and they fight each other over the dwindling resources that remain. Fear and suspicion are rife, and it is up to you to navigate the treacherous political landscape while upholding the law.

As a judicator, you have the power to preserve order and keep the peace. But you must also tread carefully, for the wrong decision could lead to deadly consequences. Remember, when humanity sets foot on the surface again, it is your House that will lead the way into the new dawn.

Elysium I may be a gilded prison, but it is also a beacon of hope for a better future. It is up to you to ensure that this hope endures, and that the legacy of the four founding Houses is not tarnished by greed and infighting.

So gear up, judicator, and prepare to uphold the law and protect your House. The fate of Elysium I and the future of humanity rests in your hands.

Mutant: Elysium is the third major expansion to the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero roleplaying game. This game tells the origin story of the enclave humans, seeing themselves as the last torchbearers of human civilization. The four Houses of Warburg, Fortescue, Morningstar and Kilgore struggle for power in the Elysium I enclave, oblivious to a rising power that threatens to end their reign forever. Mutant: Elysium can also be played as a stand-alone game.


  • New rules for creating and playing enclave humans, including their web of contacts with rich and powerful allies. The book includes all the rules you need to play.
  • A detailed description of Elysium I, the mother of all Elysium enclaves, including a beautiful full-color map.
  • The complete campaign Guardians of the Fall, including unique game mechanics that give the players themselves control over the four Houses of the enclave.
  • An overview of how the enclave humans can adapt to life in the Zone, and join the mutants, animals and robots of Mutant: Year Zero, Mutant: Genlab Alpha and Mutant: Mechatron.


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