Mushrooms and Mayhem

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The Mushrooms and Mayhem Troupe Box offers a trio of finely crafted Goblin miniatures, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics that bring chaos and flair to Moonstone's realm.

Boom Boom Mc Boom, a cunning goblin, thrives on disorder. His Reload ability maintains the potency of his blunderbuss, though use is hindered when engaged. Suckerpunch empowers a fellow goblin's melee attack, adding +2 damage. Boom Boom's Blunderbuss delivers a single-use ranged blast for impact damage, echoing his chaotic nature. You'll Never Get This! Nah-na-na-na! manipulates enemy movement, compelling them 2x towards him, showcasing his manipulative prowess.

Shabbaroon, a crafty goblin, weaves chaos through arcane arts. Labeled a "Weakling," his mastery over arcane energies shines. Goblin Mischief empowers fellow goblins with energy bursts. Goblin Luck manipulates fate, invoking target's misfortune. Transconbobulate revitalizes and repositions target goblin, showcasing his arcane mastery.

Seasick Stu, a raucous goblin pirate, balances humor and strategy on Moonstone's waters. Harpoon inflicts impact or slicing melee damage with -1 reduction, gaining +1 for piercing melee. Bawdy Jokes draws goblins close with camaraderie and energy burst. Rough Tides shifts battlefield dynamics by moving a target model away. Seasick drains energy, mirroring his pirate role.

In Moonstone, this trio navigates chaos, arcane arts, and pirate strategies with their unique abilities, making the Mushrooms and Mayhem Troupe Box an exciting addition to the Moonstone realm.


  • 1 x Seasick Stu Miniature and Stat Card
  • 1 x Shabbaroon Miniature and Stat Card
  • 1 x Boom Boom Mc Boom Miniature and Stat Card

Miniatures are multipart and require Assembly.


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