Mortarion, Daemon Primarch of Nurgle

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"Do not forget insults, my sons, for I have never forgotten those of my father, the Emperor, or Horus. Does not forgive insults or complaints. Hold your bitterness deep within you and let it fester there. Let them simmer and squirm and sway until you are filled with bile so poisonous it will ruin everything you touch. This is how you will best serve the Nurgle. So you will spread his virulent gifts across the false empire and watch it rot for good..."

        — Mortarion, Demon Primarch of Nurgle

Mortarion, also known as the "Pale King", the "Death Lord" or the "Prince of Decay" after turning to Chaos, was one of the original twenty Imperial Primarchs created by the Emperor of Mankind.

Upon the Emperor's arrival on his homeworld of Barbarus, he was given command of the Death Guard Space Marine Legion, but he turned to the service of Chaos during the Horus Heresy.

Currently Mortarion is the Greatest Daemon Prince of Nurgle and the Daemon Primarch of the Death Guard Chaos Space Marines.

He recently returned to Imperial space for the first time in ten thousand standard years, when he led the Plague God's forces in the invasion of the realm of Ultramar during the Plague Wars.

Within the Eye of Terror, Mortarion was elevated to the rank of Demon Prince by Nurgle and given control of a demon world now known as the Plague Planet, which he sculpted into a new and despicable form, becoming a virtual copy of Barbarus. putting himself in his adoptive father's position as chief tyrant.

To this day, the Mortarion Deathguard launch their assaults through the Cadian Gate and into the galaxy beyond, sometimes in large units and sometimes to add strength to allied forces. Wherever they travel, they spread the joyous, exuberant Pox of Nurgle, bestowing the choicest blessings of the Plague God on those who would know eternal life.

Mortarion, the demon primarch of Nurgle, soars above the battlefields of the 41st Millennium on wings of tattered leather. Sick and corrupted, reduced to a monstrous form by the twisting power of Chaos, Mortarion is a corrupted angel of death driven by hatred and bitterness. He brings decay and disease, despair and fear upon all who witness his dark majesty. In battle, his dark gear consists of the following gear and equipment:

  • The Barbaran Plate - Mortarion's wargear is designed by himself, blending ancient Power Armor technology with his own lore. In addition to protecting him in battle, it is designed to augment his own unique physiology and environmental needs by synthesizing trace elements from the noxious fumes of his lost homeworld of Barbarus to mix with the air he breathes. Mortarion is an imposing figure, his gaunt face and tearing eyes barely visible beneath his hood and behind the rebreather mask he has worn for ten thousand Terran years. Pierced through his hood is a crown of iron rather than gold found on other primarchs, which suits his psyche. The Deathlord has always been a utilitarian, practical soul, as evidenced by the relatively spartan look of his armor - which, despite his rise to demonhood, hasn't changed much in 10,000 standard years of war. Unlike his fellow Death Guards, whose armor is often rusty and dented with rot and corruption, Mortarion's armor appears almost pristine by comparison - though appearing infected and fleshy - as if the daemon primarch were so contagious and diseased that even his armor festers and rotten.
  • Silence - Silence, to give it the macabre nickname preferred by its wielder, is a massive two-handed battle scythe with a blade span as long as most human warriors are tall. This formidable weapon is considered one of the most fearsome blades wielded by a primarch. Ever since Mortarion was found by the Emperor during the Great Crusade, there have been dark whispers that the blade is stained by Xenos, and some familiar with the legend of the Death Guard primarch's early life believe it to be nothing else acts as the weapon of the terrible cadaveric creature that once called himself Mortarion's "father". Since that long-gone era on Barbarus, Silence has mutated over the millennia into a terrifying demon weapon.
  • The Lantern - A directional drum-barreled energy blaster, the Lantern is Mortarion's sidearm of choice. The weapon's maker originally led a cult of dragon-worshipping assassins in the industrialized world of Shenlong. The Emperor destroyed the cult to ensure Imperial observance of Shenlong, and the weapon came into Mortarion's possession.
  • Phosphex Bombs - Mortarion carries a series of compact Phosphex Bombs of his own design, hanging from his armor in the form of ritual incense burners.

In this kit you get Mortarion. As equipment, Mortarion carries his scythe "Silence" and a rusty blade with chainring, as well as an ancient energy pistol. There are two different options for mounting these weapons - in one variant, Mortarion holds the weapons at his side, while the other pose is significantly more aggressive.

The following extras are also included in this kit:
•2 Nurgling Drones from Mortarion's Chains of Armor
•3 more are haunting his base

Mortarion, Daemon Primarch of Nurgle comes as 78 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 100mm Round base.


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