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There are some goblins who indulge in the idea of ??an unfair fight, preferring to dwell in the shadows and strike unnoticed. These scavengers are often used by aspiring goblin kings to inspire fear and loyalty, and to stifle any strife within the goblin ranks. Goblin scavengers, while more talented than their counterparts, are deadliest when they can fight in numbers and corner their intended victims.Goblin Raiders are ideal when you want to plague the enemy. Using numerical superiority, they can take down even the mightiest warriors with their dirty tricks, surrounding them and taking them down with a hail of vicious attacks. If that doesn't work, they still have their two-handed axes, with which they can take down many enemies.This kit contains two sets of 3 Goblin Raider miniatures, supplied with 6 Citadel 25mm Slotted Round bases. For rules for these models, see the Armies from The Lord of the Rings™ supplement.#


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