Morghasts Archai

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The Morghasts are among Nagash's greatest creations - fiercely majestic with their tattered wings and finely crafted armor, they wield spectral weapons that rend soul and flesh alike. They bring fearsome strength to the campaigns of Katakros and ensure that the relentless march of its great legions continues unabated.

The horrifying necromantic rituals that gave birth to the Morghasts bear many similarities to the processes of soul-making and ossomania. These terror creations are designed to further Nagash's rule through intimidation. Created as distorted reflections of the angelic creatures that fly through the higher reaches of the Hyshian Vaults, although these sacred eidolons embody light, energy, and purity, the Morghasts embody morbid malice and inhuman ferocity. Their bone mass is so dense that their skeletal forms can dull even true steel axes, being virtually impervious to mortal weapons. Within their cavernous chests are the skulls of slain wizards and seers, each a repository of arcane power that allows the Morghasts to draw on a nearly inexhaustible supply of energy. They have been seen in greater numbers since the founding of the Shyish Nadir, leading many of Sigmar's generals to suspect that Nagash revealed the secrets of their construction to the Ossiarch Bonereapers. It's a grim prospect, for even in small numbers, Morghasts can inflict terrible carnage on their foes.


The Morghast Archai are bodyguards and sentinels who protect Nagash's champions in battle. They will defend their charge with single-minded ferocity, closing ranks and ignoring the rain of blows that bounce harmlessly off their ebony-forged armor, then lashing out at heads with their ghostly blades in response. They are silent sentinels save for the occasions when they speak in the voice of Nagashizzar in a deadly hiss. For those undead warlords who grow accustomed to their presence, they are easy to underestimate as mere servants; They stand still as statues and watch silently, learning and remembering every syllable spoken by those nearby and recalling the words of anyone whose agenda intersects with Nagash himself. At a critical moment, on a single mental impulse from the Great Necromancer, they turn against their assigned ward and destroy all who attempt to subvert or deny the Great Necromancer's will.


Where the role of the Morghast Archai is to protect, the role of Harbinger is to destroy. These menacing creatures reach ahead of the Ossiarch armies, stabbing a cold claw of fear into the heart of any mortal who sees them. Her appearance is intimidating of stature and looks, and conveys one message above all - this is where Nagash reigns. All who oppose him are killed and recreated as part of his lifeless empire. Wielding either a spirit halberd or spirit sword in each hand, these winged terrors swoop down on the enemy before spinning and leaping in a whirlwind of piercing blades, a terrible shock to those who thought them slow and deliberate. Harbingers of Almighty Nagash, they count terror among their weapons, and fiercely and silently delight in the screams of those beings they were created to destroy.

This multi-part plastic kit makes two Morghast Harbingers. As powerful as demigods, they wield swords and glaives crafted long ago in Ptra's Sunforge that blaze with the soul energies of the slain. The souls trapped within are driven to attract others to share their fate.


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