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Morat Assault Troops - Unyielding Brute Force

The Morat soldiers are renowned for their tenacity and exceptional combat skills in both urban and jungle environments. Unlike other soldiers within the Combined Army, the Morat possess a primal yearning for violence, which is ingrained in their very nature. This brutality sets them apart and makes them exceptional assault troops on the battlefield.

This box contains four miniatures that exemplify the strength and ferocity of the Morat. Included are: 1 Oznat armed with a Vulkan Shotgun, 1 Tyrok Hunter equipped with a T2 Rifle, 1 Preta Sync, and 1 Skurgot Jawbrute. Each miniature represents a formidable warrior, ready to unleash their brute force against any opposition.

By adding these miniatures to your Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack (Ref:281616-0934), you further augment the raw power and intensity of your forces. These Morat assault troops bring an unparalleled level of aggression to your army, ensuring that your enemies will be overwhelmed by sheer force alone.

Embrace the unyielding strength and savage nature of the Morat soldiers with this blister pack. Dominate the battlefield and instill fear in your adversaries as you unleash the full might of the Morat assault troops.


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