Moran, Maasai Hunters

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The Maasai warriors, known as Moran, have taken on a new role within the Nomad Military Force as hunters. Designated as Light Infantry, each Moran brings with them a wealth of experience as seasoned scouts. In their new capacity within the NMF, they are tasked with vital duties such as intelligence gathering, serving as the army's forward eyes and ears on the battlefield.

Their traditional skills as hunters translate seamlessly into their roles within the military, allowing them to navigate the terrain with ease and precision. Whether they're tracking enemy movements or gathering crucial information, the Moran are adept at operating covertly and swiftly, ensuring that the NMF remains one step ahead of its adversaries.

With their keen senses and intimate knowledge of the land, the Moran play a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of battles. Their presence on the battlefield is not only a testament to their heritage but also a strategic advantage for the Nomad Military Force, as they continue to serve as the vanguard of the army's intelligence-gathering efforts.

This box includes 6 miniatures:

  • One Moran with Combi Rifle
  • one Moran with Boarding Shotgun
  • 4 CrazyKoalas.

If you are looking for powerful tabletop control, the Moran Maasai are the best choice. Their CrazyKoalas will frustrate the enemy advance and their Repeaters will extend the area of effect of your Hackers.


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