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In the enigmatic and shadowy realms where the Neverborn and Resurrectionists converge, the "Nephilim" and "Forgotten" keywords reveal an assembly of figures that embody the mysterious and obscured nature of the factions. These characters navigate the intertwined landscapes with an air of enigma and a touch of the forgotten that defines the very essence of their convergence.

At the forefront of this enigmatic gathering stands Nekima, Broodmother, a figure who epitomizes the Nephilim and Forgotten keywords. With her connection to her brood and her role as a leader, Nekima embodies the legacy and the hidden that guide her actions. Her ability to channel the essence of the Nephilim speaks to the enigmatic nature of the Neverborn.

Beside Nekima is the Noxious Nephilim, a character that mirrors the mysterious and obscured spirit of the Nephilim keyword. The Noxious Nephilim thrives in the shadowy and ever-shifting domains, embodying the spirit of the unknown and the hidden that characterizes the Neverborn.

Completing this assembly is Molly Squidpiddge, Chaotic Conductor, a figure that embodies the Forgotten keyword's essence. With her ability to summon spirits and command the forgotten, Molly stands as a symbol of the obscured and the past that thrives in the Resurrectionists' realm.

Together, Nekima, Broodmother, the Noxious Nephilim, and Molly Squidpiddge, Chaotic Conductor, paint a vivid portrait of the Nephilim and Forgotten keywords within the intertwined realms of the Neverborn and Resurrectionists. In their presence, the boundaries between legacy, enigma, and the past blur, and the spirit of the hidden and the obscured thrives. As you navigate the mysterious and enigmatic landscape where these factions converge, be prepared to encounter figures that embody the essence of Nephilim and Forgotten – characters who embrace their legacy, channel the hidden, and command the past, mirroring the very heart of their interconnected and obscured Worlds.


  • Nekima, Broodmother
  • Noxious Nephilim
  • Molly Squidpiddge, Chaotic Conductor


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