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Amidst the complex web of allegiances and rivalries that define the Ten Thunders, a subtle but influential group known as the Last Blossom operates in the shadows, weaving together disparate threads of power and intrigue. Led by the enigmatic Misaki Katanaka, the Last Blossom wields influence that extends far beyond its surface appearance as a mere pleasure house.

Misaki Katanaka, a master of both martial arts and manipulation, holds the mantle of leadership over the Last Blossom. With a delicate balance of poise and ferocity, she navigates the intricate world of the criminal underworld, drawing upon her dual roles as both an assassin and a courtesan to secure her position. Her mastery of both physical and psychological manipulation makes her a force to be reckoned with, as she adeptly pulls the strings behind the scenes.

Shang, her trusted enforcer, is a figure shrouded in mystery and silence. Clad in ornate armor and wielding a deadly spear, Shang is a symbol of loyalty and dedication to Misaki's cause. His combat prowess and unwavering devotion to his mistress make him a formidable presence on the battlefield, his stoicism contrasting with the chaos that often surrounds him.

Ototo, on the other hand, embodies a sense of raw power and primal ferocity. Misaki's brother, he wields a massive spiked club with devastating force, leaving chaos in his wake. His loyalty to his sister is unshakable, and he serves as both her protector and a living testament to the ties that bind the Last Blossom together.

The Torakage, swift and nimble, epitomize the subtlety and versatility of the Last Blossom. Masters of stealth and infiltration, they move like shadows across the terrain, fulfilling Misaki's orders with deadly precision. Whether it's gathering intelligence, eliminating threats, or executing covert operations, the Torakage are a vital component of the Last Blossom's intricate strategies.

In a city where power dynamics are ever-shifting and allegiances can change in an instant, the Last Blossom remains a constant force, manipulating events from behind the scenes. Their operations are a delicate dance of power and subtlety, a testament to Misaki Katanaka's strategic brilliance and her ability to wield both charm and brutality to achieve her goals. As the Ten Thunders navigate treacherous waters, the Last Blossom remains a hidden force, ready to shape the city's fate in ways that may go unnoticed by many, but reverberate throughout its underworld.


  • Misaki Katanaka
  • Shang
  • Ototo
  • Torakage x3


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