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In a desperate scenario where your home world faces resource depletion, you've embarked on a daring mission. Your goal is to deploy teams of workers to a nearby planet teeming with resources, even though its environment is harsh and unforgiving. The competition is fierce, but the survival of your colony hinges on your team's performance.

Welcome to Mining Colony, a tile-laying game designed for 1-4 players. Your primary tool in this endeavor is a set of excavation cards, crucial for securing resources and ensuring the prosperity of your colony. With these resources at your disposal, you'll have the means to develop your colonies, construct vital science stations, and establish outposts on this new world.

The game unfolds over ten rounds, each encompassing three phases: Discover, Excavate, and Develop.

In the Discover Phase, a resource card is revealed, and resources are allocated to designated excavation zones.

During the Excavation Phase, players engage in a competitive scramble, utilizing their excavation cards to acquire these valuable resources.

In the Development Phase, players strategically place development tiles, earned during the excavation phase, on their individual colony boards. Resources, including ships, colonists, and crystals, are meticulously positioned on these tiles.

In the competitive mode, players earn points by creating the most prosperous mining colony, skillfully combining various resources, people, and ships to maximize their overall value. The specific point values for each element may vary from game to game, ensuring each playthrough offers a fresh and unique experience.

For solo adventurers, a challenging solo mode awaits, where you must navigate the complexities of this resource-rich yet perilous world as you strive to complete your colony while competing against a dummy Player.


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