Minimoto Akasuki

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In the heat of battle, Akasuki emerges as the epitome of Minimoto's formidable defensive strategy. Armed with twin Tetsubo, she embodies the clan's ethos of deterrence: You don't want to hurt me.

With an imposing presence bolstered by high wound boxes and Armor traits, Akasuki stands as a formidable barrier against any who dare to challenge her. But it is not merely her resilience that makes her a fearsome opponent.

Each blow she endures only serves to fuel her ferocity, granting her the Brutal ability and enhancing her melee prowess. Moreover, any attempt to afflict her with debilitating state effects only strengthens her resolve, bestowing upon her the Strong Trait and enabling her to unleash lethal retribution upon her foes.

Bolstered by her Aggressive trait, Akasuki's Rice Cost remains low, allowing her to take full advantage of Minimoto's defensive options while unleashing devastating attacks upon her adversaries. In the chaos of battle, she eagerly wields her weapons, confident in her ability to protect her comrades while dealing swift and decisive blows to those who would oppose her clan.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile Card.


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