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Introducing the Mini Woods Set, a captivating ensemble that captures the essence of a woodland realm in miniature form. Encased within a blister, this set comprises three meticulously cast resin pieces. Among them are two wooden logs adorned with sprouting mushrooms, and a singular stump, also bedecked with an array of charming fungi.

In the world of tabletop crafting, this set enriches the storytelling potential of your miniatures. The mini woods transport observers to a realm where the mysteries of nature abound, hinting at hidden groves, fairy dwellings, and the whisper of forest spirits. With each piece thoughtfully designed, they seamlessly infuse your creations with the enchantment of the wild.

Beyond their role as embellishments, these resin-crafted elements serve as windows into the heart of the forest. Placed strategically alongside your miniatures, they blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy, heightening the visual allure while sowing the seeds of countless narrative possibilities. Each piece becomes a silent sentinel of the tales your characters inhabit, offering a glimpse into their world.

The Mini Woods Set encapsulates the timeless allure of woodland magic, embodying the delicate balance between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Whether gracing a druid's sanctuary, enhancing a ranger's base, or adorning a terrain piece, these miniatures transform from resin components into symbols of natural beauty, fantasy, and the allure of the unseen.

Crafted with meticulous care, each element becomes a catalyst for imagination, awaiting the touch of a creative hand to unlock its potential. They transcend mere ornamentation, serving as the threads that weave stories spanning realms of fantasy, natural wonder, and the captivating spirit of the forest.

With a delightful assortment of three individual pieces, the Mini Woods Set stands as a testament to your devotion to detail, enhancing your miniature creations with depth, narrative possibilities, and a touch of woodland enchantment.

Blister contains 3 resin pieces.

  • Concept: Jacek Świnoga
  • Sculptor: Jacek Świnoga
  • Material: Resin


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