Middle-Earth War in Rohan

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Inside this 128-page hardback supplement, you will find:
  • History of Rohan
  • 24 narrative play Scenarios
  • War in Rohan Campaign
  • Rules for fighting sieges
  • Background, tactics and army lists for Rohan, Lothlórien, Fangorn, Isengard, and Dunland.
  • Legendary Legions: Nine stand-alone army lists representing the forces that fought in famous battles of the War of the Ring including:
    • The Defenders of Helm's Deep,
    • Théodred's Guard
    • Riders of Éomer
    • Paths of the Druadan
    • Uglûk's Scouts
    • Wolves of Isengard
    • Assault upon Helm's Deep
    • Army of Dunland


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