Mexican Paito Fuerte

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You know you're rich when you own a fort which is able to withstand the largest of revolts.

As you step into the dusty streets of the Wild West, you come across the Mexican Paito Fuerte, a versatile and beautifully designed scenery kit made from sturdy 3mm MDF. This set is perfect for adding some depth to your Western-themed skirmish games or for creating a dynamic environment for your roleplaying games.

Featuring raised roof lips and open windows, this set provides plenty of line of sight blocking features, making it perfect for both narrative and competitive play. You can imagine cowboys taking cover behind the walls, waiting for the perfect moment to take their shot.

One of the best things about the Mexican Paito Fuerte is that it's easily dismantlable, allowing for easy storage. You can easily pack it away after your game and bring it out again for your next Wild West adventure.

Of course, before you can fully appreciate the beauty of this set, you'll need to put it together and paint it. Don't worry though, it comes with every part you need for assembly, and we recommend using PVA glue for the best results. And remember, the miniatures in the picture are only for scale and not included in the kit.

So gather your fellow cowboys and create your own Wild West story on the Mexican Paito Fuerte. With its versatile design, this set is sure to provide hours of fun and excitement. Who will come out on top in this Wild West showdown? Only time will tell.


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