Meteor Zond (Boarding Shotgun)

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'Zond' Lightning-Fast Remotes

'Zond' was the old Russian name for Unidentified Flying Objects, and it perfectly suits the lightning-fast remotes created exclusively for the Nomad Military Force. These remotes, known as Meteor Zonds, have undergone significant modifications to enhance their aerial capabilities and combat readiness.

This blister pack offers an exquisite injected thermoplastic miniature of the Meteor Zond, meticulously crafted to capture every intricate detail. The miniature showcases the cutting-edge design and advanced technology of the remote.

One of the standout features of the Meteor Zond is its remarkable Combat Jump Special Skill. This allows you to strategically deploy the remote right into the heart of enemy lines, enabling you to gain a tactical advantage and expand your hacking area. The Combat Jump capability of the Meteor Zond ensures swift and unexpected insertion, catching your adversaries off guard.

Additionally, the Meteor Zond is equipped with a Repeater, which serves to augment your hacking capabilities. By deploying the Meteor Zond, you can establish a secure hacking link within the enemy territory, expanding your reach and control without exposing yourself to significant risks.


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