Meteor Zond (Boarding Shotgun)

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The men and women of this unit are a force to be reckoned with, fighting like warriors from antiquity. They eschew modern weapons and tactics, preferring to terrorize their enemies with the edge of their swords and engaging in hand-to-hand combat. They get close enough to their opponents to see the whites of their eyes as they overpower them, one after the other, as unstoppable as they are unrelenting.

Their combat style is reminiscent of the legendary warriors of old, such as the Spartans or the Vikings. They are disciplined and relentless, able to withstand even the fiercest onslaughts and come out on top. They fight not only for victory, but for honor and glory, and they are respected by their allies and feared by their enemies.

Their weapons are simple but deadly, crafted with the finest materials and honed to razor-sharp edges. They wear little armor, relying instead on their speed and agility to evade attacks and strike at their opponents' weak points. They move as one, coordinated and precise, each member of the unit a vital part of the whole.

Despite their old-fashioned tactics, this unit is a formidable force on the battlefield. They are able to adapt to changing circumstances and improvise when necessary, always staying one step ahead of their opponents. They are the embodiment of the warrior spirit, and their enemies quake in fear at the mere sight of them.

In an age of advanced technology and sophisticated weaponry, this unit stands apart, a throwback to a time when honor and glory meant more than victory at any cost. They are a testament to the enduring appeal of the warrior archetype and a reminder that sometimes, the old ways are still the best.


  • 3x Miniatures
  • 1x Hulang with Submachine Gun
  • 2x CrazyKoalas

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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