Metallic Paints Set - Colours

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Explore the vibrant world of the Metallic Paints Colors Set. Immerse yourself in a palette of dazzling shades and let your artworks shine with captivating metallic brilliance.

This set includes a carefully curated collection of high-quality metallic paints in a range of stunning colors. Each color is meticulously formulated to provide rich depth and a luminous sheen, allowing you to create artworks that truly stand out.

With excellent coverage and fast drying time, these paints ensure a smooth and efficient painting experience. You can effortlessly bring your ideas to life and achieve impressive results.

Whether you prefer brushwork or the versatility of an airbrush, the Metallic Paints Colors Set is optimized for both techniques. The paints have a smooth consistency and flow, allowing for precise control over your brushstrokes or spray application.

These colors are water-based and non-toxic, ensuring safe and worry-free use. Let your creativity soar as you create artworks with vibrant metallic hues, without compromising on safety.

Dive into the captivating world of the Metallic Paints Colors Set and unleash your artistic vision. Infuse your creations with radiant brilliance and bring the magic of metallic colors into your art.

Awaken the luminous shine of the Metallic Paints Colors Set and discover the versatility of these colors. Let their captivating allure inspire you to create artworks that are vibrant, expressive, and filled with a sense of wonder.


  • 1x Neptunus Blue
  • 1x Sirenscale Green
  • 1x Caesar Red
  • 1x Orchid Purple
  • 1x Persian Violet
  • 1x Aqua Turquoise


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