Merchant Convoy

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Prevention of attacks on defenseless merchant ships is the other main task of the Navy and here the war was waged day by day by the humble corvette, frigate and destroyer escort and later by escort carriers. Trade raids formed a crucial part of strategy for several nations - the German Kriegsmarine nearly brought Britain to its knees, while the US Navy similarly strangled Japan's movement of manufactured goods, materials, troops and supplies.

Grouping ships in convoys meant there was more expanse of empty ocean out there - hopefully attackers wouldn't even find the convoy. It also made escorts more effective, but in the event that a convoy was hit by a surface attack such as a heavy cruiser or battlecruiser, the target would be devastated in short order. Still, the convoy system helped a lot. It would fall to the escorting ships to defend them until either a strong covering force emerged to assist or the merchants could escape. Some of the most heroic and most contradictory actions of the war took place in defense of merchant convoys or troop ships.

box contains:

  • 3 x Liberty Trade Ship
  • 3 x Victory Trade Ship
  • 1 x SS Ohio Tanker Ship
  • Ship Cards and Damage Controls


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