Mephiston Lord of Death

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He is the only member of the Blood Angels or their successor chapters known to have defeated the Black Rage's attraction not once, but twice in his life, regaining his sanity both times. He is a librarian with powerful abilities who is believed to be one of the most powerful psykers in the entire human empire.

But rumor has it that Mephiston paid a terrible price for his resurrection, that something even more terrible took his place when he mastered the Black Rage.

It is to be hoped that such rumors are unfounded, mere carrion clinging to greatness, but Mephiston keeps his secrets secret and only time will reveal the truth.

Sometime after the destruction of Baal, Mephiston was converted into a Primaris Space Marine. During the procedure, Mephiston nearly died, but found himself in the warp, ahead of Sanguinor and Black Angel. An apparent avatar of Sanguinius appeared and told Mephiston that he was doomed to become the Black Angel, but if he took the entity into his body now it could act as a prison and weaken the Black Rage within the chapter for a while . However, this would come at the cost of becoming a pariah and damning his soul. The chief librarian apparently accepted, exhibiting obscure new abilities and stating that he is both Mephiston and not. Against Astorath's wishes, Dante chose not to execute the reincarnated Mephiston. Mephiston, now a Primaris Marine, used his psychic abilities during the Psychic Awakening to aid the Blood Angels during the Angel's Halo campaign.

Mephiston is involved in an attempt to thwart the plans of Magnus the Red and the demon prince Zadkiel. Foreseeing catastrophe should their plans materialize, he managed to infiltrate the wizards' planet and foil Zadkiel's attempts to summon nine Silver Towers to Terra.

Equipment and Skills

Mephiston is armed with the power sword Vitarus and a plasma pistol. He wears Artificer armor which includes his ornate psychic hood. Overcoming the Red Thirst allowed Mephiston to unlock his full psychic potential and he is able to invoke any number of psychic powers related to the Blood Angels.

Since his rebirth, Mephisto's powers have increased significantly. He is able to project his thoughts into even psychically attuned Eldar, driving them into anger and madness. He can split his soul into multiple doppelgangers, allowing him to perform multiple feats at once. He is able to stop and even reverse time, but this power is alluring and potentially dangerous as he still ages during the break times and could potentially waste his entire life while the universe remains frozen around him.

As Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels, Mephiston is a formidable psyker, although he is just as at home smiting the Emperor's enemies with his power sword Vitarus or the searing rays of his plasma pistol. Mephiston can be configured to aim his pistol with his right hand or wipe his mouth on the back of his glove - could he even wipe the blood off his fangs?

This 16 piece plastic set makes a Mephiston, Lord of Death and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base.


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