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The menhirs rise like silent sentinels from distant lands, shrouded in a thick veil of mist and the aura of mystery. They stand as silent witnesses of ages past, their massive forms scarred by time and the mysteries of history.

Amidst the misty veil, the menhirs bring to life a unique atmosphere - a mixture of awe and fascination. The air virtually vibrates with energy as the misty clouds swirl around the stone colossi, bathing the surroundings in a mysterious aura. Here, the boundaries between past and present seem to blur, and the unknown interweaves with reality.

These monumental stones are not only physical entities, but also bearers of stories and legends. They may have once been sacred places where rituals were held, or they may have served as astronomical markers to track the course of celestial bodies. The mists around them could serve as a bridge that leads the viewer to a world beyond the visible, where the past dances in the shadows and the imagination is free to run wild.

In their unique combination of nature and history, of mystery and reality, the menhirs create an atmosphere that makes the heart sing and invites the spirit to fly. They invite us to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, to reveal the hidden stories woven into the misty veils and ancient stones.

Blister contains 1 piece made of resin.

Height: 8 cm total.

  • Concept: Jacek Świnoga
  • Sculptor: Jacek Świnoga
  • Material: synthetic resin


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