Melusai Blood Stalkers

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The Blood Stalkers are Morathi's elite archers, a poisonous sentinel that rains death from afar. Each carries a Heartseeker Bow, a weapon carved from the wood of the sentient ash tree. The arrows fired from such bows are blessed by Hag Queens and imbued with the same enchantments as those wielded by Morathi's own spear, Heartrender. With uncanny accuracy, these missiles race across the battlefield to smash their targets in the heart. In close combat, Blood Stalkers wield Scianlar, long daggers forged to absorb the energies released when the wielder dissects the vital organs from the corpses of their victims after battle. Though it may seem so to their less monstrous sisters, these are not bloody offerings to Khaine, but tributes designed to bolster the Melusai's true master, Morathi.


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