Mek Gunz: Smasha Gun

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Mekboy Workshops are construction sheds that allow Mekboys to hone the abilities of Ork vehicles and keep everything from Trukks to Deff Dreads in battle shape.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to build a Mekboy workshop. The workshop is made of metal girders that the hardworking Mekboy rescued from the din of battle around him, and features a large workbench covered in the gubbinz of his trade - a wall-mounted tool set, a giant drill, a box of wrenches and a vice - and lots of spare parts. A custom force field generator, steering wheel parts, circular saw blades; It may seem like a random selection, but the Mekboy who owns it knows exactly where every piece he needs is. A reinforced beam is attached at right angles to this work area - a large engine block hangs from a chain, ready for repair or installation, with a large gripping claw that can point in any direction. Included are 3 barricades and 3 scrap heaps to place anywhere in the workshop, and the entire kit is compatible with the STC Ryza Pattern Ruins Set - build your own sprawling chaos!

This kit comes in 36 components.


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