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Medium Decoupage Gloss is a low viscosity, transparent drying acrylic adhesive, sealer and varnish with a wide range of applications in decoupage, crafting and model making. You can easily apply it with a brush or sponge and clean it with water. Also, you can tint it with pigments, acrylic inks and paints to create different effects on the surfaces. The drying time is 20-30 minutes, and the total curing time is about 3-4 weeks.

You can use the medium as an adhesive for various materials, such as paper cutouts, fabrics, photographs, or various scenery elements in dioramas. It's also great as a surface insulator for puzzles and decoupage work to seal and protect them. Finally, you can use it as a sealant for porous surfaces like foam and other textured elements.

The application of the medium is simple and versatile. Apply it moderately to the desired area as you would any other adhesive. If you want greater strength, you can apply a second thin coat over the entire area. For sealing and painting, apply a thin, even coat to the surface with a brush and let it dry for 20-30 minutes between coats. You can apply multiple coats to improve sealing and durability.

Medium Decoupage Gloss comes in a 250 ml jar, which gives you enough for a variety of projects. Be sure to keep both the cap area and the cap free of product residue when you close the jar to prevent the cap from sticking to the jar and potential problems when you open it.

With its glossy effect and versatile applications, Medium Decoupage Gloss is an excellent tool for your creative projects. It will make your decoupage creations shine with new brilliance. Whether you are an amateur artist, hobbyist or model maker, this product will add a special and elegant touch to your work.


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