Mechanicum Skorpius Dunerider

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The Skorpius Dunerider is an Adeptus Mechanicus armored personnel carrier that uses little-understood, deadly technology from the Age of Darkness.

Acting as personal hovercraft for Skitarii cohorts, Duneriders are designed to quickly bring frontline supplies to the heart of the battle. They sweep over enemy defenses or into designated firing points, slamming down their ramps and unleashing the warriors riding within. When delivering their cargo, Duneriders fire support fire from their Cognis Heavy Stubbers.

On its open bed, gunners man the dunecrawler's pair of Cognis machine guns mounted on its sides, finger on the trigger. A turret-mounted pair of Cognis machine guns are mounted on a cupola at the rear of the vehicle, and its servitor gunner is shielded from enemy fire by an armored shield mounted between the gun barrels.

The Skorpius Dunerider is an attached transport vehicle for Skitarii infantry and can transport 10 of them behind the walls of its armored hull.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 104 components. It can be built with a crew member in one of the aft hatches, or with two hatches closed. The loading hatch is designed to be moveable, so it can be opened and closed during gameplay, but it can also be fixed with glue.

Rules for this vehicle for Warhammer 40,000 are included in the building instructions (included in the set).


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