Mechanical Orc Torsos (6)

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Mechanical/Robotic Torsos Set - Orc Edition

Elevate your miniature collection with this set of six mechanical/robotic torsos designed for larger 28mm miniatures, particularly suited for orcs. Whether you're creating an army of mechanical warriors or customizing your orcish characters, these torsos offer a unique and distinct look.

Included in the set are three different designs, each with its own character and style. One of the torsos even features repurposed parts from an old stove, adding an extra touch of gritty and industrial charm. You'll receive two copies of each design, providing ample opportunities for customization and variety.

These mechanical/robotic torsos exude strength and power, reflecting the rugged nature of orcish craftsmanship. They can be easily integrated into your existing miniatures or serve as the foundation for new and exciting conversions.

Unleash your creativity and breathe life into your orc miniatures with these mechanical/robotic torsos. Whether you envision a warband of heavily augmented orc warriors or a band of renegade robots, this set will help you bring your ideas to life.


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