Mechanical Gun Arms (6)

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Set of Shooty Mechanical Arms - Orc Edition

Included in this pack are six shooty mechanical arms, featuring three various designs with two of each design included. These mechanical arms are specifically designed for orcs or similar sized miniatures, providing them with a menacing and heavily armed appearance.

The shooty mechanical arms are expertly crafted with intricate details, showcasing the brutal and rugged nature of orcish technology. Each arm is equipped with deadly weaponry, ready to rain down destruction upon your enemies on the tabletop.

Whether you're assembling an orc warband, creating a futuristic army, or adding unique elements to your miniature collection, these shooty mechanical arms are perfect for enhancing the firepower and ferocity of your models.

Bring a new level of intimidation to your gaming table with these shooty mechanical arms, designed to unleash devastating firepower and strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.


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