Maxx Darth-Backdrop - 200x300mm

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Ultra-black photo backdrops are the first choice for you as a modeling and crafting enthusiast. With minimal effort, you can achieve professional results thanks to the high color contrast. Our Maxx Darth™ fabric goes one step further with a blend of exclusive synthetic flocked fabrics that can absorb up to 99.9% of visible light. This makes it the blackest fabric in the world.

If you want to take stunning photos of your acrylic painted miniatures, be sure to use our ultra-dark Maxx Darth photo background. This technique allows you to take pictures with incredible contrast that will enhance the fine details and vibrant colors of your miniatures. You don't have to waste time post-processing in programs like Photoshop to get a professional end result.

Experiment with different lighting conditions and angles to get the best effects. With a high-quality camera and lens, you can take your miniature photography to a new level. Whether you're an experienced miniature painter or an avid amateur photographer, the ultra-dark background allows you to create stunning images that highlight the beauty and fine details of your work.

Our Maxx Darth™ photo background opens up a world of creative possibilities for you. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase your miniatures against an all-black background and make them shine. Whether you want to showcase your work online, enter competitions, or simply document your passion for modeling, this ultra-dark background will help you achieve exceptional results and show your miniatures in a professional light.


  • 1x Maxx Darth background 200x300mm


  • To ensure optimal light absorption, you should avoid placing heavy objects on the flocked microfiber film, as this could cause deformation.
  • It is crucial to keep the fabric spotlessly clean with a tacky hair removal roller to ensure no dust spots are visible due to color contrast.
  • If the fabric wrinkles, it can be brought back into shape by gently brushing it out and indirectly applying steam.
  • Finally, it is important to know that this fabric does not absorb infrared light.


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