Marcus Core Box

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Step into the realm of fantastical hybrids and shape-shifting creatures with this captivating set, embodying the fusion of the Arcanists and Neverborn factions under the Chimera keyword. These figures unite to create a force that combines elemental power and mythical influence on the tabletop.

Leading this ensemble is Marcus, a powerful figure who embodies the connection between the Arcanists and Neverborn factions under the Chimera keyword. His presence on the battlefield is a testament to his elemental abilities and his command over the hybrid creatures at his disposal.

A figure of myth and allure, the Jackalope complements Marcus's influence with its own unique abilities. Its role in shape-shifting and elemental manipulation adds an element of mythical intrigue and utility to your gameplay.

Myranda the shape-shifter completes the set, embodying the Chimera's ability to transform and adapt. With the power to take on various forms and enhance her abilities accordingly, Myranda provides both utility and strategic advantage to your forces.

3 Order Initiates round out the set, representing the hybrid beings that follow the Chimera. With their abilities to command elemental energy and provide support, these figures add both strength and versatility to your forces.

United under the Chimera keyword, this ensemble captures the unique fusion of elemental power and mythical creatures between the Arcanists and Neverborn factions. Whether it's through elemental manipulation, mythical allure, or the fusion of both factions' strengths, these figures embody the Chimera's fascination with fantastical hybrids. Embrace the power of mythical beings, command with elemental influence, and lead your Chimera forces with unwavering determination as you guide this unique faction to victory.


  • Marcus
  • Jackolope
  • Myranda
  • 3 Order Initiate


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