Mara The Urban Ranger

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Introducing the Sunrise Rangers: a valiant group of female fantasy Rangers, prepared to navigate the treacherous urban landscapes and forgotten cities of the world!

Meet Mara, a fearless Ranger whose expertise lies in navigating the labyrinthine streets and crumbling ruins of long-forgotten cities. While the city may seem like a bustling metropolis to some, Mara knows the truth—many urban areas are now overrun by monsters or plagued by lawlessness.

With her keen instincts and knowledge of secret passages, Mara is able to guide travelers through the maze-like streets and dangerous alleyways of the city, ensuring their safe passage through the urban wilderness. She knows who to trust and who to avoid, and her insight proves invaluable to those who find themselves lost in the chaos of the cityscape.

For Mara, the city holds no secrets too dark or dangers too great. With her unwavering courage and determination, she faces each new challenge head-on, determined to protect those who rely on her for guidance and support.

As a member of the Sunrise Rangers, Mara embodies the spirit of resilience and resourcefulness, inspiring her companions to persevere in the face of adversity. With her expertise and guidance, they navigate the urban jungle with confidence, knowing that together, they can overcome any obstacle that lies in their path.

  • 1 32mm scale model, cast in metal.
  • 1 resin base included.

Unpainted and unassembled.


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