Mannfred, Mortarch of Night

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Mannfred von Carstein is the Mortarch of Night and Nagash’s right-hand man. Mannfred often seems to plot against his master, but just as often he carries out his will.

While searching for a gate to Stygxx, he was captured and tortured by Taka Woebringer and his bloodbound army. He was found by the Bull-Hearts Warrior Chamber of Hallowed Knights under Tarsus' Bull-Heart, who saved him and defeated Taka and his Bloodbound. In return, Mannfred promised to lead her to the underworld of Stygxx to deliver her message to Nagash.

During the founding of Gravewild, Mannfred manipulated a Slaaneshi war gang and tried to raise an army of the dead under the city. He was soon captured by the Hallowed Knights, who claimed the city. Haunted by the ghost of Tarsus, Mannfred convinced Ramus, Lord Relictor of the Bullhearts, that he could help them save Tarsus from Nagash.

In return, Ramus released, albeit on a short leash, and she and some Bull Hearts traveled to Nagashizzar, followed by some of the Steel Souls and Bakhos. They reached the gates of Nekroheim and Mannfred tried to open them with a magical summon to reach Nagash. While Mannfred tried to do so, Bakhos and the Steel Souls led by Gardus reached them. Nagash discovered this and opened the gates himself and quickly killed Bakhos. Mannfred and Gardus hesitantly negotiated with Nagash about the release of Tarsu’s Bull-Heart soul and the land around Gravewild because they had killed some of the chaos worshippers around Nagashizzar. Mannfred was then allowed to leave both Nagash and Gardus.


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