Malisarus Rex

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Embark on a journey of wonder and mystery within the "Explorer's Society" faction with the captivating Malisaurus Rex, a model that embodies the essence of the Apex and the enchanting world of the Fae. Bound by the keywords "Apex" and "Fae," this creature symbolizes the awe-inspiring power and the mystical allure that shape the narrative of the crew.

Contained within this offering is:

  • Malisaurus Rex: An entity that captures the very spirit of the "Apex" and "Fae" keywords, the Malisaurus Rex embodies the power of a dominant predator and the enchanting allure of the mystical realm. As you prepare and assemble the model, you contribute to the legacy of awe-inspiring creatures and the captivating mysticism that define the "Explorer's Society" faction.

Embrace the call of the "Apex" and "Fae" keywords and venture forth into the captivating realm of the Malisaurus Rex. Let this model guide your path on the tabletop, where every action and decision reflects the crew's awe-inspiring power and the enchanting allure of the Fae within the "Explorer's Society" faction.


  • Malisaurus Rex


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