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Introducing the "Maladum: Revenant Retribution," a formidable expansion designed to ratchet up the difficulty level in your Maladum adventures. This pack is crafted to provide a heightened level of challenge, whether you're playing solo, cooperatively, or engaging in multiplayer games with multiple parties.

Within this expansion, you'll encounter a host of new challenges that will test your skills, strategies, and teamwork like never before. First and foremost, you'll face additional Revenant figures, formidable adversaries with enhanced abilities and tactical prowess. These Revenants promise to intensify your encounters and push your party to its limits.

Complementing the Revenants are the Veteran Event Cards, adding depth and unpredictability to your gameplay. These cards inject fresh challenges into the narrative quests, including unexpected twists, cunning traps, and formidable foes. They demand that you adapt your strategies on the fly, keeping you on your toes throughout your Maladum adventures.

When you're embarking on multiplayer games with multiple parties, the "Revenant Retribution" becomes an indispensable component to ensure that all adventurers face a level of difficulty commensurate with their skills. It calls for coordination, communication, and careful planning to survive the relentless Revenant assaults and navigate the ever-changing landscape of challenges posed by the Veteran Event Cards.

Whether you're a seasoned Maladum player looking for a greater challenge or a newcomer eager to test your abilities, the "Revenant Retribution" will elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Are you prepared to confront the Revenants and conquer the unpredictable trials of Enveron? The ultimate test awaits in the world of Maladum.

The pack contains 12 additional Revenant miniatures as well as a set of Veteran Event cards that bring them into Play.


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