Maintain the Balance

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Step into a new era of gameplay with "Master Titles," where the boundaries of your favorite Master's potential expand. In the world of Malifaux, this innovation allows you to handpick the version of your Master that best resonates with your strategy, redefining their impact on the battlefield.

Embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of each Master's unique abilities, each title an invitation to explore fresh tactics and narratives. As you delve into the intricacies of their powers, you'll find yourself shaping a new identity for your chosen Master—one that aligns with your vision and preferences.

Within this package, you'll encounter:

  • Sandeep Desai, Font of Magic: An enigmatic figure who radiates magical prowess. With the adoption of his Master Title, Sandeep transforms, reshaping his crew's abilities and tactics. This evolution introduces a dynamic synergy that elevates the arcane, creating a nexus of magic that empowers his allies and reshapes the flow of battle.

  • Four Winds Golem: A force of nature, a sentinel of immense power. With Sandeep Desai's guidance, this Golem takes on a new facet that defines its role on the battlefield. As it evolves, its interactions with Sandeep's abilities become an intricate dance, forging a bond that amplifies their combined strength.

  • Shenlong, The Teacher: A master of enlightenment and martial prowess. Embrace the embodiment of Shenlong's teaching as his Master Title unfolds. With this evolution, Shenlong guides his crew with an unwavering sense of purpose, weaving a tapestry of disciplined tactics and calculated maneuvers. Every move resonates with his teachings, creating a harmonious balance that reflects his wisdom.

These transformative experiences are nestled within the realms of the "Arcanists" and "Ten Thunders" factions. As you choose between Master Titles, you shape the destiny of your crew, weaving a new narrative on the tabletop.


  • Sandeep Desai, Font of Magic
  • Four Winds Golem
  • Shenlong, The Teacher


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