Maiden of Sagoya

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Amidst the echoes of war and the shadows of tragedy, a spectral maiden emerges from the depths of sorrow. Once struck down by the hand of a young and inexperienced Takashi ashigaru during the harrowing conflict against the Shiho, her soul now lingers in the swamps of Sagoya. Bound by the chains of her untimely demise, she wails and laments, haunted by the memories of her family's own tragic fate.

Even in death, the maiden finds no solace from her earthly pain. Instead, she harnesses her fell power to inflict wrack and ruin upon any unfortunate soul who crosses her path. No mortal or creature is spared from her relentless pursuit of vengeance and despair.

Becoming a Yokai Maiden, she feeds upon the fear that courses through the veins of those who dare encounter her. As if drawn to the very essence of their terror, she emerges from the shadows, an ominous specter, haunting the places where fear is most potent. Cursed by the very city she once called home, her malevolence knows no bounds.

Her presence is a reminder of the lingering darkness that taints Sagoya, a city weighed down by the heavy burden of its past. The Yokai Maiden's chilling aura casts an eerie pall over the once vibrant streets, her ethereal form drifting through the haunted alleys and forgotten corners.

Her tale serves as a cautionary whisper, warning all who hear it to tread carefully in the depths of Sagoya. The ghostly maiden's wrath knows no mercy, and her anguished cries pierce the night, a lament that echoes through the ages.

As the Yokai Maiden roams, forever chained to her tragic fate, the swamps of Sagoya are forever marked by her spectral presence. Beware, for her spectral aura is a chilling reminder that even in death, the bonds of pain and suffering can forge a force of malevolence that defies the boundaries of time itself.

Blister contains two miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and full colour profile Card.


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