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Maharaja, a reimagined edition of the classic game designed by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling, offers an engaging experience for 1 to 4 players, featuring enhanced graphics and components. In this game, your objective is to construct statues dedicated to your chosen God, aiming to please the visiting Maharaja and amass victory points based on your achieved majorities.

As players, you assume the roles of priests embarking on journeys to various cities in India, where you'll build statues and shrines to expand the worship of your favored deities. Accompanying you on this divine quest are a variety of characters, each with unique abilities to aid your cause. The Maharaja, the great king of India, changes his residence annually, granting rewards based on the value of your Gods' worship. At the outset of each year, players strategize their actions during a secret planning phase, played simultaneously.

The game concludes after the seventh year or when a player completes their seventh statue. The player with the highest prestige emerges victorious.

This new edition of Maharaja boasts updated graphics and components, shifting the focus from constructing palaces to building statues. It introduces new characters that influence turn order, provides additional ways to earn victory points, offers bonuses upon scoring a city post-Maharaja's visit based on your chosen assistant, and presents modular rules that can be incorporated during the game and final scoring for added depth and Variety.


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