Maggoth Lord Morbidex Twiceborn

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Morbidex Twiceborn, the avatar of the Nurglings, is one of the three Maggoth Lords.

Born amidst a firestorm that ravaged his village, he was severely devastated, but he grew up to be a formidable warrior and leader of his tribe. Blaming Tzeentch for his childhood trauma, he offered his service to the god's rival, Nurgle, who scaled a giant cliff leading to the Realm of Chaos, where he was devoured by a horde of Nurglings. They posed him riddles, pushed him forward and up to find correct answers, and transformed parts of him to match them when he was wrong. By the time he reached the top of the Horde, he had become the avatar of the Nurglings.

He rides a large Poxmaggoth, Tripletongue, and often leads into battle a vast mob of Nurglings that spend many centuries in the realm of Ghyran.

When the Stormcast Eternals were thrown into Ghyran to find Alarielle, he was one of many champions hurled against them attempting to ambush them in the Rotwater Blight, but his forces were disrupted and exposed by the local Sylvaneth.

This 73-part plastic kit makes one Morbidex Twiceborn riding a hideous Maggoth. Morbidex is clad in corroded chaos armor and armed with a two-handed weapon. His stocky and horned face wears a wide, lewd grin, similar to that worn by the legions of Nurglings who follow him.

Rules for Bloab Rotspawned can be found in the Warriors of Chaos Warscroll Compendium. Alternatively, this kit can also be assembled as Orghotts Daemonspew or Morbidex Twiceborn.

Supplied with a Citadel 100mm Round base.


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