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The Burning Man's arrival in Malifaux was a cataclysmic event that brought chaos and upheaval to the city. The world itself was shaken to its core as this powerful entity made its presence known. However, what caused even more concern and fear among the people was the Burning Man's sudden disappearance. Would he return? Or was he gone forever? These questions only led to one unsettling answer: assume that the worst has yet to come.

In the face of this uncertainty, the people of Malifaux reacted in different ways. The faint of heart sought refuge within the confines of their homes, barricading themselves away from the unknown dangers that may still lie ahead. Fear consumed them, driving them to hide from the unpredictable and unsettling forces that the Burning Man's absence left behind.

On the other hand, the foolhardy and daring individuals took a different approach. They refused to succumb to fear and instead took up arms, shooting towards the sky in a misguided attempt to bring down a burning star that no longer graced the heavens.

But the question remains: how can one defeat or destroy something that is not fully understood? The answer lies in embracing the madness that now permeates Malifaux. To combat the unknown and formidable forces that linger, one must either align themselves with the chaos and embrace its unpredictable nature, or become an even greater monster in order to stand against it.

The world of Malifaux has become a place of uncertainty and trepidation, where the line between sanity and madness blurs. It is a realm where survival demands either complete surrender to the chaos or a fierce determination to become something darker and more monstrous in order to combat the enigmatic threats that lie in wait.

Madness of Malifaux is the newest expansion to Maliaux Third Edition; bringing with it 6 new masters across the eight factions of the game, an exhilarating and explosive new story, and a host of over 50 other new and exciting characters to join you on the Battlefield.


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