M5 Stuart

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Assemblable as either the M5 Stuart, M5A1 Stuart or the E7-7 Mechanized Flamethrower, this new versatile plastic kit is suitable for many bolt action armies including US, British, Soviet and Chinese.

The Americans favored light tanks over armored reconnaissance vehicles, and the M5 light tanks were designed for that role. The main difference between this and the earlier vehicle was its Cadillac engine. This required some armor adjustments, and the opportunity was taken to improve the armor layout and distribution. In the M5A1 version, the lower hull casting was now up to 64mm thick in places. Other improvements include wider access hatches, more interior space for the crew and ammunition stowage for 147 37mm rounds. Production was limited as the introduction of the M24 light tank was imminent.

Although it counts as a light tank (damage rating 8+) in Bolt Action, it benefits from the Reinforced Armor special rule; for shots that hit the front of the vehicle, it treats its armor value as 9+ instead.

Main service: 1943–45. Number made: 6,810.

  • A 1/56 scale plastic M5 Stuart light tank with options to craft the M5A1 and E7-7 mechanized flamethrower versions
  • Bolt Action Stat Cards
  • Full Color Waterslide Decal Sheet
  • damage marker

  • :
  • Historical Factions: USA

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