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The Lychguard are the elite protectors and emissaries of the Necron nobility. To serve as a bulwark against those who would harm their charges, Lychguard were equipped with living Necrodermis bodies of the highest quality metal, equal in durability and power to those inhabited by the Necron Lords and Overlords who inhabit them to protect.

Lychguard are tall and broad, taller even than immortals; as befits their status, lychguards are characterized by high crests or headgear, and often wear segmented tabards or metal capes.

In addition to their function as guards, lychguards often act as messengers and envoys for their masters. To better serve in this capacity, the personality and intellect of the Lychguard has been preserved through the process of biotransmission to a much greater extent than the Necron base.

As with other Necrons, the Lychguard fulfill the same roles after transferring their consciousness into their immortal form as they do in life, although the ability to disobey has been removed.

The Necron Lords and Overlords of the late 41st Millennium never have to worry about a treacherous knife in the back of a supposedly loyal Warden, making their Lychguard their last defense against the machinations of rival nobles.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 111 components, five Citadel 32mm Round bases and two Necron transfer sheets with which to make five Necron Lychguards or five Triarch Praetorians.


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