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Delve into the intriguing world of the Guild and Neverborn factions with this elite set, featuring a roster of enigmatic characters and versatile mimics. Unveil the secrets of power and transformation as you command these entities on the tabletop.

At the heart of this enigmatic ensemble stands Lucius Mattheson, a master manipulator whose guile and authority shape the destiny of those under his employ. His presence is felt across the battlefield, as his unique abilities and commanding aura leave an indelible mark on the course of the game.

A whisperer of secrets and an orchestrator of destiny, The Scribe embodies the duality of the Guild and Neverborn factions. With powers that defy categorization, this entity serves as a versatile asset, adapting to the challenges at hand and ensuring no secrets remain hidden.

The elusive operative bridges the gap between Guild and Neverborn, embodying the essence of mimicry. With the ability to seamlessly switch allegiances, Agent 46's presence adds an extra layer of uncertainty to the battlefield, keeping opponents guessing about loyalties and strategies.

This trio of Guild Lawyers complements the elite nature of this set. Whether it's wielding the law as a weapon or revealing hidden truths, these figures contribute to the multifaceted dynamics of your force.

With the Elite and Mimic keywords as their common thread, these characters challenge conventions, blur faction lines, and elevate your strategic options. Unveil the power of transformation, and command your forces with shrewdness and adaptability. Explore the complex dance between the Guild and Neverborn as you lead this unique ensemble to Victory.


  • Lucius Mattheson
  • The Scribe
  • Agent 46
  • 3 Guild Lawyers


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