Loyalty to Coin

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In the tumultuous realm of the Outcasts, where loyalties are transient and survival is paramount, the "Mercenary" keyword defines a unique breed of individuals who thrive in the ever-shifting sands of fate. These figures, driven by personal agendas and the allure of coin, walk a path marked by unpredictability and opportunity.

At the forefront of this assembly is Taelor, a figure whose indomitable spirit and prowess embody the very essence of the Mercenary keyword. With a hammer that bears the weight of her resolve, she navigates the treacherous currents of the Outcasts' world. Her loyalty to her own principles is unwavering, and her strength is as unyielding as the iron that forms her weapon.

Beside Taelor stands Big Jake, a hulking figure whose brawn is matched only by his cunning. In a world where survival requires both strength and strategy, he embodies the perfect blend of muscle and mind. With every step he takes, he strides into the unknown with a confidence that stems from years of experience and countless trials.

Complementing this pair is the Student of Conflict, a figure who approaches the enigmatic landscape of the Outcasts with a philosophical perspective. With a sword that is both weapon and teacher, the Student navigates the shifting tides of fortune with an understanding that in this realm, the only constant is change.

Together, Taelor, Big Jake, and the Student of Conflict paint a vivid portrait of the Mercenary keyword within the Outcasts' dominion. In their presence, the boundaries of loyalty and allegiance are blurred, and the allure of personal conviction and profit intertwine. As you journey through the intricate web of the Outcasts, be prepared to encounter figures who epitomize the spirit of the Mercenary – individuals who embrace the call of self-interest and adaptability in a world defined by chaos and opportunity.


  • Taelor
  • Big Jake
  • Student of Conflict


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