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Enter the grim and haunting world of the Blood Angels with Lords of Blood, a gripping collection of novels and short stories by the acclaimed author Guy Haley. Within its ominous pages, you will delve deep into the tragic plight of the Blood Angels, cursed by the relentless Black Rage that echoes through the annals of time from the death of their father, Sanguinius.

Lords of Blood brings together three powerful novels and two compelling short stories that encapsulate the eternal struggle faced by the Sons of Sanguinius. Experience the unyielding battle against their own cursed fate as the Blood Angels confront the dark demons that lurk within their souls. From the legendary Dante, who leads his chapter with unwavering resolve, to the cataclysmic Devastation of Baal, where the Blood Angels clash with the ravenous Hive Fleet Leviathan, these stories will captivate and immerse you in the gripping narrative.

Delve into the heart-wrenching Darkness in the Blood, where the sons of Sanguinius face an unimaginable threat that pushes them to their limits. Witness the unwavering devotion and relentless determination of Astorath: Angel of Mercy, a shining beacon of hope in the face of despair. And finally, experience the redemption and renewal that unfolds in the awe-inspiring tale of the Redeemer.

This collection, available in paperback, offers an enthralling reading experience, allowing you to witness the battles, the triumphs, and the struggles of the Blood Angels firsthand. Feel the weight of their burden as they combat the horrors of the Black Rage and confront the consuming menace of Hive Fleet Leviathan.

Lords of Blood is a must-read for all fans of Warhammer 40,000, delving deep into the lore and mythology of the Blood Angels. Immerse yourself in these profound tales of honor, sacrifice, and the eternal struggle against the darkest forces that threaten the Imperium. Discover the indomitable spirit of the Blood Angels as they strive to overcome their own blood and face their destiny head-on.

This book contains:

  • three novels and two short stories by Guy Haley
    • Dante
    • The Devastation of Baal
    • Darkness in the Blood
    • Astorath: Angel of Mercy
    • Redeemer

  • Sprache: Englisch

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