Lord of Virulence

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Lords of Virulence are powerful Chaos Lords of the Death Guard corrupted by Nurgle. Taken on the cloak of virulence, they are masters of mass bombardment, pounding their enemies with heavy firepower and decimating their ranks in the manner of a deadly infection that strikes down its victim.

Tubes and tubes erupt in abundance from the armor of the Lord of Virulence. From this gout arise noxious fumes, putrid outbursts, the color and stench of which direct the fire of the artillery machines behind the lines. Behind them, their Flesquid Cloaks leave a slime trail for hungry Daemon Engines to follow.

Clad in his mangled Terminator armor, he is adorned with symbols of Grandfather Nurgle's many blessings. Armed with a plague spear and plague claw, he is ready to spread these diseases across the galaxy.

This 20 part plastic kit makes a Lord of Virulence. It is supplied with a Citadel 50mm Round base.


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