Lord of Pain

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Lord of Pain

Lords of Pain strut at the head of the Hedonite armies, known as paragons of Slaanesh's dark faith.

Each lord is dedicated body and soul to the pursuit of excess. However, despite the fact that disciples of Slaanesh are encouraged to indulge in a wide range of depravities, most followers generally fall under one of the vices that define Slaanesh's domain. In the case of the Lord Pain, their vice centers on enduring and inflicting agony on a large scale.

Often descended from the dark martial chapters dedicated to Slaanesh, Lords of Pain have trained themselves to the pinnacle of mortal skill to the point of being able to slay their foes with a few agonizing blows. Lords of Pain are dedicated sadists dedicated to inflicting the crippling pain that is their very existence.

Over time, these champions of Slaanesh, destined to become Lords of Pain, soon find themselves without any sense of contentment beyond spreading their supposed gifts. The end result is quickly seen, inflicting torment is no longer an art form but an end in itself. Like most followers of the Dark Prince, they get trapped in a dark spiral from which they can no longer break.


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