Lord of Afflictions

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Lords of Nurgle are the Rotbringer Lords who command the Nurgle Rotbringer armies.

Lords of Afflictions are Rotbringer Lords who ride Rot Flies and lead the charge of Nurgle's armies. You can command Pusgoyle Blightlords to move faster. They are grotesquely swollen and clad almost entirely in thick armor. They are the greatest carriers of plague, and their main task towards the Nurgle is to spread as much plague as possible. The contagion from the wounded of the Lord of Sorrows spreads with frightening speed, leaving a thriving epidemic in the Lord's wake.


In addition to their putrid mouthparts and venomous stinger, their mounts can strike with a sinister Dolorous Tocsin, which are giant demolition bells strung beneath their steeds.

The Lords of Afflictions themselves strike with three-pronged fester spikes, infested tridents, or use incubatches to send out waves of disease that turn enemies into pools of rancid manure.

The kit comes as 76 components and is supplied with 2 Citadel 60mm Round bases and can be built as 2 Pusgoyle Blightlords instead.


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