Lord-Arcanum auf Tauralon

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Lord-Arcanums are masters of the Aetherbolts who rule the Sacrosanct Chambers in the Stormhosts of Stormcast Eternals. Their storm vision allows them to see the souls of living creatures, and in battle they can hurl devastating bolts of lightning or empower those around them with a mere whispered word of power. Once brave magic users who risked life and limb as mortals to defy the Chaos Gods, they wield even greater powers as they have reforged themselves.

Azyr's power flows through the Lord Arcanum, allowing him to summon lightning as easily as another draws breath. Soaring into the skies with a corona of corporators fumbling around his staff, he draws devastating energies from above that incinerate their targets with ground-shaking explosions. These are said to be the manifestations of Prime Electrids, offshoots of the Great Bolts that were used to level castles and slay godbeasts alike. Lord-Arcanums' command of storm energies can even capture the souls of slain Stormcasts Eternals before vanishing into the skies and returning them to their bodies to fight again. Their mastery of magic also allows them to harness the endless magic that has spilled over the realms since the Necroquake.

Some Lord-Arcanums can astral project into the Aether of Azyr, and sometimes bond with a Tauralon, playing a deadly game of dodging meteors deflected at them by the beasts and sending them straight back. Swift as a hawk, a Tauralon can unleash a meteoric ram from its curling horns that can shatter even a castle wall. However, it prefers to avoid direct conflict, leaving a trail of glittering astral light that blankets enemies below like stardust. The Dust's true effect is only revealed when arrows and Eldritch bolts from Stormcast Eternals come straight at them, regardless of their initial trajectory.


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