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Dwarven Longbeards are the oldest and most battle-hardened warriors in a dwarven army. Highly respected figures, these longbeards command great respect within a dwarf stronghold, and are often chosen as leaders and advisors in many domestic affairs and campaigns.

Only a dwarf who is one hundred and twenty years old, or who has a beard that reaches the ground, is readily considered a longbeard. This ensures they receive the proper respect from other dwarves, who were rightfully taught from a young age to always respect their elders and listen to their well-deserved wisdom.

For it is true that the Longbeards have fought in more wars, defeated more enemies, and endured greater hardships than a young dwarf can imagine. They constantly complain that today's goblins are much smaller and weaker than they were in the past, and that nothing is as well made as they were in their day. No young dwarf would dare argue with them, for indeed they have the experience and the beard to prove it.

Should the kingdom of the dwarves be besieged by their most hated enemies, the Longbeards would be among the first to take charge. Armed with some of the finest crafted dwarven armor and weaponry within their clan, these longbeards rally their own regiment of hard-hitting infantry, forming an unbreakable wall of shields and muscle that few can ever hope to crack. In battle, longbeards are able to demonstrate their long-won skills, paying little heed to even the smallest strokes of fate that would throw less-seasoned warriors into disarray, and enduring punishments that could break even a dwarf's mighty resolve. Such is their inspiring presence on the battlefield that the army's longbeards provide a reliable anchor that binds the rest of the army together. With the Longbeards' stern gaze, dwarven warriors are far less interested in faltering against the enemy onslaught, and fight even harder to prove their worth in the eyes of their elders.


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