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Loki, the enigmatic trickster god of Norse mythology, weaves a web of mischief and chaos throughout the realms of gods and mortals alike. With his wily ways and cunning intellect, he traverses the boundaries between friend and foe, leaving a trail of deception and intrigue in his wake.

Born of fire and ice, Loki's lineage is as tumultuous as his nature. With the giantess Angrboda, he sires three offspring, each bearing the mark of their father's trickery. Hel, the goddess guardian of the underworld, rules over the realm of the dead with a stern hand and a cold heart. Fenrir, the monstrous wolf, lurks in the shadows, biding his time until the day he is destined to bring about Odin's demise. And Jormungandr, the dragon snake, coils in the depths of the ocean, his vast form encircling the world in a perpetual embrace.

As a shape-shifter, Loki embodies the ever-changing nature of the world itself, his form and demeanor shifting with the whims of his mischievous spirit. Sometimes playful, sometimes malicious, he delights in sowing discord and confusion among the gods, reveling in the chaos that ensues.

  • 1 miniature of Loki, cast in metal.
  • Scale: 32mm

Delivered unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.


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